Vibes And Pressure

The world we are living in is changing. Yes change is the only constant but these times we are living in right now is different. I believe there is a type of spritual and conscious change which is unique to are times. Is this cos of 2012??? I'd say partly. It is no coincidence that people are talking about time speeding up, the earths magnetic fields in disarray, the mayan calendar etc at the same time when everyone is asking questions about the powers that be. More than ever now people are starting to believe in what they used to call "conspiracy theories" or fighting the system with publications or youtube broadcasts. what was once secret knowledge or unspoken truths are now in every ones mind. Nobody I know now belives the twin towers were actually bought down by a group of "islamic radicals." Whereas even a few years ago those same people may have been anti-war but they still understood why the english and americans started invading these countries. The truth is out there and it is now so easily accessible. And people are learning about this stuff more rapidly by the day. Also in science the level of progression is so much more than even a couple of years ago. The technical knowledge is accelerating so fast that sooner or later we will start asking real questions. And capitalism wont be able keep a lid on these technological advances to serve their greedy pockets, like they have been doing. The advances being made in technical fields such as maths and physics have led to the top guys in these fields talking in the language of quantum. Through theories such as entanglement even the scientists are now saying things like "we are all connected/we are all one." Also the religious institutions are crumbling, people are generally starting to accept a more spiritual angle. Don't get it twisted the church and mosque will continue to thrive for a while, and as long as the bombs are falling and injustice is served the youts in the middle east will continue to embrace the ways of the Jihad. But still there is a wave of consciousness creeping over this planet. Thats not to say people are rejecting the religion, but just looking at the institutions with a crooked eye.
Anyway, sooner or later all the hidden lies we are fed aren't gonna be hidden no more, which means the methods they use to control us ain't really gonna mean shit to us no more.
I've heard it said that every living thing has a kundalini, and so do planets, and around 2012 is when the earths kundalini will shift (if it hasn't already). This, along wit the shift in the stars that we face mean many things apparently. Me I dunno wats goin on or even wats gonna happen but I feel myself having my own spiritual awakening, and I know quite a few people that are too. Is this something to do with the times that we are living... yeah, maybe.
All I know is that shit is changing and I'm glad I'm alive now.