Vibes And Pressure

“Do you believe that’s air you’re breathing now?” Morpheus.

Yeah rudie, I’m looking out of my window, seeing the glorious sunshine and kinda just appreciating all Nature offers us, the vastness of the gift that is this world and everything in it. I’m happy just 2 feel the sunlight on my skin, that’s the truth of the matter. Then I think abt all those whose journeys have finished b4 mine and r no longer on the trod 2 enjoy this experience with I an’ I, and that brings a little sadness. That is also the truth. Does the new truth cancel out the old truth? I guess it depends on how u see it. What I do kno is that headz that r considered leading authorities on this matter r not all in sync on this.

So what is the truth of the matter? Or, 4 that matter, what is the Truth? See, from ever since, we’re always told abt truth as a gr8 virtue. Always tell the truth, and all good things will follow u through life. Not that this is strictly true, as many who spoke the truth ended up dead, or incarcerated, or persecuted. Sometimes the truth abt speaking the truth is that many may fear that truth, or even believe that truth 2 b a lie.

Maya Angelo said that facts can b used 2 obscure the truth. So what makes a truth the truth? Kitaro Nishida took the view that truth starts when the consciousness differentiates between knower and known, and ends when they find unity.  Is the truth some type of resolution, let’s look at something, question the hell out of it, and what we’ve got left is then the truth? Or is the truth just the belief in a fact; X is a fact, we believe that fact, our belief is the truth? Or, is it maybe there is one Truth, encompassing a complete system of all true beliefs, and that whatever we believe 2 b true is merely a part of that whole, complete Truth?

The thing that strikes me is that in all of this, the 1 thing that comes across is the connection between truth and perception; there is no truth is there is no1 2 believe in it. Is truth then something internal, and a connection that we have with external things, b they ideas or just the world as it is? If not, could it b that truth is just the way in which we interpret the world around us?

Earlier 2day I had a meeting with a man in a suit, full of info on government statistics, local and central guidelines and correct procedure policies. During a somewhat energetic discussion, we got on 2 the subject of truth, how 2 people can describe the same thing in different terms and what that meant 2 each person. Dude then told me that perception is reality from that person’s perspective. Cool, there is something 2 that, but then again, say I look at a situation a certain way, and I think this has some significance 2 every1 else. I then decide 2 project this, 2 make an assertion so that all of u can kno what I kno, and I succeed. Now my belief becomes your truth. Now let’s say that my truth was based on mayb a shaky premise. (a) If I believe that it is wholeheartedly true, is it a truth? And (b), regardless of the answer to (a), as I was successfully able to assert my belief 2 all of u, is that truth now the new reality?

Here’s something 2 bake the noodle: if I kno something is a lie, and I live that lie, and I tell myself that it’s the truth, and I then invest myself in this so much that I eventually convince myself that it’s now the truth, is the original truth still the truth, or is the lie now the truth? And if the lie is now the truth, wasn’t it always the truth, and the original truth just a device 2 bring me 2 the truth? Or is this new truth just a truth on top of the original truth and I am now the creator of the new reality, and if I am the creator of this reality, what does that make me? Or what if all realities r a falsehood, and there is only 1 truth, and this truth is obscured by all these other realities, as the creators of these realities, is no1 then able 2 perceive the truth?

We have reality TV, social networks, online communities, fraternities, social groups, membership clubs, politrickal parties and so many other things that we invest in, all of which make assertions of some kind. Even with our best efforts, if it’s even true that the individual can indeed shape reality, how much of our reality did we actually shape, or how much was shaped for us under the assertion that we shaped it ourselves?

Is reality all abt projection? Jean Baudrillard kicks the idea of simulacrum around, a simulacrum being a likeness or an image, here’s how he flips it “The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth—it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true.”

Everyday, everywhere I go, some1 is trying 2 tell me something abt myself, I need stuff, I need 2 do stuff, buy something, believe in him, vote for this skism, join this group.. I must b missing out big time! Of course they wld never lie, it’s all true… So if 2 of them r telling me that I have a particular need, yet each solution offered conflicts with the other, can both truths co-exist? Wld they cancel each other out? Wld I need 2 seek a supertruth that accommodates both truths?or is it the projection of those truths more real than the truth behind them?

What if… and bear with me… what if…. All these things that I’m being told abt myself and my needs r all lies? What is the purpose? The scale of the delivery of these wld b something so vast that they wld represent a mega reality 2 rival all other realities. Mayb this is a mutated Orwellian world, bt then Orwell himself called it and said, “in a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Knowing what happens 2 those who commit revolutionary acts, wld u still tell the truth?

The next time some1 says that they r telling u the truth, what do they mean? What do they want it 2 mean 2 u? Cld b that none of this matters anyway....

What is your truth?

…as always answers on a postcard...


Corrd the Seeker