Vibes And Pressure

Corrd the Seeker**

“It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you/Without a strong rhyme to step to/Think of how many weak shows you slept through/Time's up, I'm sorry I kept you” Rakim

Hmm… so I came across 2 articles ova the past 2 days, which essentially informed I that scientists r at a loss 2 explain why 500 red-winged blackbirds dropped dead on a stretch of road in Louisiana. 3 days b4 that 3 000 blackbirds died in Arkansas. At the same time in Kentucky, a woman reported dozens of dead birds in her garden. 100 000 fish were found dead along a river 125 miles from the Arkansas bird deaths.

Days l8r, 2 000 000 fish died in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. 50 jackdaws dropped dead on a street in Sweden. Other occurrences have been cited around the world, including Brazil and N. Zealand…

Wha’ gwaan Daadi? Is this a sign? And if so, of what? On the real, such things r significant, startling, and even disturbing. Around the world, from ancient times till now, scrolls, glyphs, and scriptures speak on revolution in the direction of human existence, from the Age of Aquarius 2 the End of Days, and that the only way I an’ I can pree wha’ gwaan is 2 observe the signs.

But then again, this could all b the results of experiments, not such a stretch if the conspiracy theorists r 2 b believed (not bcos a 1 might b crazy, that don’t mean that they’re wrong). But really? Well, there were the Tuskegee experiments. Cld b some sci fi bullshit, or, cld b weapons testing.. or some bird shit on a scientists car, and my man wants revenge.

Mayb its chaos theory in action. Now even a decade or so back, Chaos theory was a joke at best, but with the growing but reluctant (I’ll explain in a bit) acceptance of the overwhelming importance of what quantum theory means, chaos may well change….everything. Cld well b that from a scientific perspective, these events were supposed 2 happen.

Peep this.. Y’all kno the Schrödinger’s cat experiment, put the cat in a sealed container with poison that may or may not get released, so kitty cld live or die. The cat then supposedly exists in both states til the experiment is ended, probability waves collapse and the cat only exists in 1 state. The measurement of the outcome affects the experiment so the state comes 2 b at this time. Big tings. Now the reason 4 the reluctance 2ward quantum theory is this; on a subatomic level, things exist in many states simultaneously, and its just dawning on some heads the despite earlier denials, observances on our level may just b the same. Which makes all scientific experiments suspect. Which makes science as we kno it suspect. Schrödinger l8r on said he wished he never met that cat.

Now chaos was recognised by the ancients (look it up) as part of the fabric of existence. It’s only now that so called great minds in the west recognise. Random (seemingly 2 us) events must occur to preserve the balance of existence. Humbleness b4 nature, natural diversity, the complex from the simple, understanding the whole 2 overstand the part; many non western minds perceived and penetrated this. From agriculture, 2 the pursuit of enlightenment, educational models, and even creation itself, chaos has been utilised. Fractals, used since the 70’s in chaos theory, have been used in Indian art 4 centuries, and Islamic art in mosques since medieval days, the patterns used to focus contemplation of the Infinite. Lao Tzu imparted overstandings of the meaning of chaos 2 existence b4 leaving the city, never 2 return.

Even scientists concede that all existence follows the 2nd law of thermodynamics (energy must disperse from higher 2 lower forms), except life, which contravenes this and thus demonstrates the existence of a Higher Power, or unknown natural processes (or both).

But mayb what’s most significant, startling, and disturbing abt these occurrences is not the origins, but our reactions. 2 million members of any species' synchronized dying is a significant thing.. this just one of many events over a few days. From any point of view, collectively these are the most important occurrences of this kind, maybe for millennia. Yet acknowledgement of this in the collective consciousness is almost nonexistent.

Mayb its a sign that environmental and ecological events no longer important, or a sign of the arrogance of our self importance and dominance on the planet... or apathy...or that natures’ importance shd b consigned 2 labs and obscure journals... mayb a select few already kno what the deal is, what this really means, and even tho rest of us may never kno, we may still feel the effects... ain’t that a bitch!!

Mayb we shd fix up and look sharp 4 what is 2 come. Or not…

**Big shout 2 Abi 4 bringing focus