Vibes And Pressure

So I’m sitting here staring at this census form, yeah i know its old news but why they keep ringing my door bell at crazy times to get me to fill it out!!!
Anyway i was thinking with all the crazy stuff going on in the world ‘they’ and when I say ‘they’ I mean the so called ‘powers that be’ whoever or whatever they might be, ‘they‘ want me to tell them a whole leap of information about who I am who I know and where I go!!
Now considering they spend much of their time watching what we're doing in CCTV heaven(hell) why do they now feel its ok to come ask me to my face for even more information about me. And when i don't promptly respond they knock on my front door on sunday evening to try catch me!!! If they wanna know about what services in the community they should go into those communities and come take a look cause I’m sure it aint hard to work out. But I thought there was no money for services and such so what are we having a say in? the fantasy world of services we might like if things were better.
But I guess it cause ‘were all in this together’ yeah right.

Basically were living in a time where most of us have disclosed so much personal information that I wonder whether its gotten to the point where getting a intrusive form like this in the post (or ringing my doorbell) even matters anymore. If they want to know anything about us they only need go online to access the vast amounts of information that we have left behind and the trail clearly leads right back to us, so now its gotten to the point where the feel its ok to just demand this information from us, apparently this form is compulsory and if its not completed then they wanna fine us. Now I’m thinking the fact your demanding this from me with a fine attached if I don’t give you what you want, there must be some dodgy reason behind a mass census bearing in mind I don’t really remember ever doing one before.

I don't get it! Is this is an experiment in social obedience? if you want to know how obedient a society is then you set up a form and tell people they have no choice but to complete it, cause for real who wants to give the government in these times more money they don’t really have.

They are marketing it as a opportunity for people to have a say in their communities on how money is spent on services and I’m like really?? Isn’t that the job of the person we vote as councillors or those we apparently vote into government to make those decision cause they have been doing it that way for as long as I remember but now all of a sudden they want our opinion. They didn’t listen when we said don’t go to war, they didn’t listen when we said don’t raise tuition fees, they didn’t listen when we said all these cuts and big society shit is all to line their pockets, they have even but now all of a sudden they wanna listen!

Ok, thanx 4 listening to me moan, but i needed to get that off my chest, they know where i live anyway so who cares wat i say right. Anyway on a positive note and a ps to all those waiting for the next album. we have completed recording half of it and have been recording now 4 about 4/5 weeks. so we shall have the other half dun by end of may. with a release to follow shortly. anyway take care 4 now.
Peace and Love
Vibes and pressure