Vibes And Pressure

Part of the reason that this (Vibes and Pressure) blog site exists is bcos of the love of harmony. Harmony is what unites I an’ I, strengthens the weak, turns discord and chaos in2 music. The gathering 2gether of voices can b a magnificent thing 2 behold, and this overstanding has, in part, given rise 2 the ideas and observations presented by the scribes who contribute to this site.

It is in harmony that the breadth of the power of expression can be seen, and the funny thing is that this power rests within I an’ I… yes, each and every 1 of us. The power itself is the contribution that each individual gives as a manifestation of their self-expression. As I delved in2 the concept of harmony I started 2 pree the expression of the individual.

2 give voice 2 a thing is not only to give it power, but also form. The expression of that form, the representation, is what allows others to know what that thing is and, in essence, who we are; yet that knowledge is based on the interpretation of the (re)presentation of the individual thru self-expression.

Self-identity is becoming an increasingly difficult thing 2 attain within our homogeneous environments, as mass shared culture, mores and values r becoming more prevalent due 2 the rise of the information age. Not that this (in and of itself) is a bad thing. But as the expressions used, more and more, r based on shared ideals, those expressions are merely reflections, or echoes, of concepts long since separated from their origins.

Yet all of us r capable of original expression, each of us has, and is, a voice as we make manifest our expression, which gives the expression of self form. The expression both informs and shapes that same self. 1 of the great struggles of our age is 4 each of us 2 b heard and understood. The only way that we can even know if this understanding takes place is thru the echoes of ourselves as shown 2 us by others. How we come across, what we mean 2 others, how much credence we r given, is measured thru our echoes. The power of the echo is not 2 b underestimated, as this incentivises us 2 redefine, and in that process, re-present ourselves, which in turn refines the voice. The voice, it can b said, becomes an echo of an echo.

But here’s the thing, even tho it’s the echoes around us that inform us, they r still just that, a facsimile of the self, and, in this age of ours, the types of expression used r based in shared cultures and cliches. So, even the expression of an individual idea is done via signs and signals used and understood within the confines of mass culture.

Now, thru the power of voice, and the echo of that voice, I an’ I finds form, and then refines and re-presents that voice (y’all remember that back in the day, the idea that brothers and sisters shd “represent” was a big ting!). Say that I had been involved in a family conflict, and those closest 2 me had then told me abt myself, as much as there may b much truth 2 what was said to me, that expression is based on a reflection coloured thru the prism of the individual who bounces that back 2 me , bearing in mind the original expression, my voice, has been spoken using tools acquired thru mass culture. The prism of the echo may b tainted by many things; our shared history, their own preconceptions of who they think I am (or should b), the echoes of others (multiple echoes, even from the same source, can distort each other) etc… And still, it is the acknowledgement of these echoes that helps refine and redefine the voice, and so give the individual form. Who I am becomes either what I desire it 2 b, or more likely what I’m shaped in2 being, based on the reflected distortions of my voice.

Some say that all tru knowledge is contained within, and we just have 2 relearn (as this is unlearned thru the process of our education and integration) how 2 access this inner repository. An overstanding of that fact means that no1 can truly, even with the best of both intentions and insight, tell u who u r. That overstanding can allow I an’ I 2 b free of the parameters of self set by the echo, and give I an’ I the freedom 2 find the voice.

Even in this free state, the voice may still not b truly of itself, as the tools used may still be those handed 2 us by our environment. Only by examining our own capacity 2 echo the voices of others can we comprehend how much of the tools used r inherent, and even then the process can b tricky. The thing that is most important is the recognition that the voice can become pure and distinct, even if this is then alien 2 all other voices around.

But then, if all voices become like this, no voice wld b alien, and it wld only b the fear of the power of the pure voice that wld motivate others 2 negate this.

As the times r a changing, it may b an idea 2 find that tru voice, its tru power, and as giving voice to a thing gives power and form, create 4 each of us that form, and that power.

Try 2 imagine, just 4 a moment, the sheer majesty of the harmony that such a thing cld make manifest.

Just imagine…


corrd the seeker62
The other day I read an article in the metro. In fact it was an interview of Grant Morrison; he is a popular comic book writer. Many of the statements that he made in his article were particularly resonant with me. To be quite honest article was quite strange (which says a lot about me) He spoke very candidly about being visited by inter dimensional aliens, about dabbling in magic and the occult, he spoke about Voodoo and advised readers not to get involved with it.

He said that he felt that it was too “Culturally specific" and felt that people shouldn't dabble with it as it was only suitable for people who lived in a certain context. He recognised that the Voodoo Gods were African Gods that had been warped into something people could use. It was a real indication (well to me at least) that things are changing energetically in the world. I thought that it was a very matter of fact interview. Now, increasingly the stuff of science fiction is becoming science fact and no one seems to be batting an eyelid. To me (at least) this is becoming more and more the case.

The other thing that he said was that magic works. I was thinking "wow! All of this in a daily newspaper" (and free one at that!)

On one level you could argue that technology is a form of magic. I remember when my mother first saw me using Skype. "Who are you talking to?" she asked gingerly. "Are they in the computer?" To a person who is not technologically minded the idea of speaking to someone through a computer screen is bordering on mysticism.

If you look at new smart phones (no free advertising here!) the technology works in a very intuitive way. The best technology is always simple to use even in its most complex intricacies. The interview also spoke of the Voodoo Gods as being scary and savage. (That's one thing that was consistent. The demonization of African tradition)

Yes there is definitely something afoot. You know this when you start getting multiple coincidences, on two or more levels. To me that shows that something has shifted. I don't exactly know what this shift is but it’s almost as if the split between the mental and material realms is starting to blur. That old cliché "be careful what you wish for" is starting to ring truer than it ever has been.

You may not believe what I am about to say but I am going to say anyway. Hopefully you will feel the truth in my words. The other day I was on the train and the door to the adjoining carriage was open so I decided to try an experiment. Like any self respecting metaphysical student I whole-heartedly believe in mind over matter. I sat in my seat and concentrated all of my non-existent telekinetic powers on the door and in my mind I chanted the mantra “close close……” and to my surprise the door started to close, so much so to the extent where I was like “What the f*ck” is going on here? Who’s messing with my head?”

I hear all you skeptics shouting out “Whatever! It was just the motion of the train that moved the door of the train not the power of your brain” and to some extent this may be the case but, that is not really the point. Call it a synchronicity or a coincidence but the timing was perfect and in was very meaning full and relevant to me.

Anyway just so I can prove my point to all you naysayers here’s a bit of timeless Hollywood wisdom….. Remember that part in the Matrix when the kid was bending the spoon and Neo tried but couldn’t do it?

“Do not try to bend the spoon that is impossible; instead only try to realize the truth”

“What truth”

“There is no spoon”

“There is no spoon?”

“Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself”

There you go, now how’s that for a water tight argument? And if that doesn’t convince you of my telekinetic ability, nothing will! ;)

Peace and Love