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Natty presents the Vibes and Pressure Shubeen, Every first Friday of the Month. With an array of eclectic artists of all styles and Calibre. Check out the information below to see what we have in store for you this month



Kasai Masai

Based in London, Kasaï Masaï brings us the traditional sound of the most remote equatorial African villages, with a modern twist.

John Blood and The Highly’s

I born in England, grew up in Trinidad in a house full of music. Plenty singing used to take place everyday, and more so when we go Church on Sunday.. Now I in London, living as a musician. Through the highs and the lows of life, music has been there with me. Now I have to give back to music whatever I can.. Where de name come from? Well John is from 'John Doe', Blood is what we all have in common, so yuh see what I sayin... Izza 'One' ting, Izza love... I have some friends with me and we making music for all, to inspire, to heal, to dance, to educate, to enjoy, to share, to love.. And with love, we taking the music as far as possible. Bless

Kersha Bailey

Kersha Bailey is a phenomenal singer/songwriter/self-taught guitarist whose style is rooted in Acoustic Jazz, whilst uniquely blending Indie and Alternative Soul to create a
vocal infusion that showcases her talents and plays homage to her multitude of influences. With the imminent release of her long awaited debut album ‘Beyond The Stars’ on 31st March 2012, the finely honed vocals and songwriting skills of this sensational songstress will propel her onto a successful career and establish Kersha as a electric name on the UK Soul/Jazz scene. At 25 with a three octave range, she has already performed in an impressive array of venues, and is fast becoming one to watch on the acoustic soul



Miri Hersh is a multi-talented singer-songwriter who presents a breath of fresh air in a world of tabloid-fodder pop divas. This gifted Londoner who recently signed a 4 track EP release with Reel Me Records doesn’t require anything but her music to make the world take notice.

Among her many accomplishments she was named as ‘artist of the month’ on Peter Gabriel’s ‘WE7’ site and has been noted as ‘one to watch’ by London lesbian and bi-sexual magazine G3. She has also produced beats and sound arrangements for MCs and other vocalists and been a featured vocalist on tracks for Ways & Means and Akasha FX.


Dubbed by Radio Presenter Dave P (Choice FM) as ‘compelling and inspirational, truly amazing’, Michaela The Poet began writing performance-poetry in her chicken-shed bedroom on the 22nd May 2006, since then, the words she frequently places on common ground to fashion the comical, cheeky, spiritual and matter-of fact poetry she recites has rippled over the UK’s every impulse.
Never failing to hold an audience captive, Michaela has featured in some of the UK’s most premiered venues including Hackney Empire, The Roundhouse, Theatre Royal, Carling Academy, Stratford Circus, Hammersmith Theatre, Bloomsbury Theatre, Trafalgar Square’s open stage to a crowd of 6,000 performing material from her first EP release, ‘MAY the 22ND’ released in October 2007. Her EP continued to gain her notoriety and took her to some of London’s most famous poetry nights including The Sunday Show, ADLIB, and Soulcial. She has also featured on TV Stations BEN, Passion TV, LOVEWORLD TV, OHTV, REVELATION TV, OBE and radio stations Choice FM, Colourful, Déjà Vu and Premier Radio as well as over 30 Universities all over the UK.


Bear will be hosting upstairs acoustic sessions and also playing a song or two himself, aided by some friends that will be revealed on the night. Trust us!! You know when Bear is hosting he always brings something new and enjoyable to the Vibes and Pressure Shubeen!! Excited? You should be..


Hosted By Cord the Seeker

I've hosted and organised many events including Hub RPM, which takes overarching themes like consumption, revolution etc and we use film, discussion and music to give a little food for thought and entertain.

I've run and hosted open mic nights and atrist showcases for unsigned talent. I write blogs for the Vibes and Pressure blogsite as well as for Silentflute. I also mentor.

I believe that you dont have 2 tell people what that need to know, but rather inspire them to seek knowledge.

Silent Film Screening

Prince Fatty
Playing the best in roots music and Afrobeat

Nyabinghi performance / Drumming / Rasta Pasta + Ital Food / Nice vibes


Doors open from: 8pm-3am
The price is nice at: £8 all night


Passing Clouds
1 Richmond Road
United Kingdom
E8 4AA

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