Vibes And Pressure

What is the connection between creation and water? Because wat I am now coming to terms with is that ALL life comes from water. Before i never really overstood the concept of life, now i see it as not just something that is breathing, but something that has feelings and energy.
Water has feelings, memory and energy.
I just watched a documentary on water and it blew my mind. It is a russian documentary and is very well-produced. One of the researchers was later found out to be not quite all he says he is, but the rest of the people talking all seem to be on point, including nobel prize-winners, scientists etc... ie not just your usual internet spiritual crusaders.
This documentary really made me think about the water we drink(out of bottles and tap) If water has a sense of life about it... ie it has memory and feelings, how do u think it feels after travelling from a big"purification" plant via old taps with horrible right angles(water suppose to flow like a river) and then out of the tap in my flat. I would imagine that it feels pretty shit. Basically how you test how water feels is by freezing it and examining the crystals under microscope. But wat has even more more of an effect on the water than its journey, in fact what affects the energy-state of water more than any other factor....US. Yeah you and me (not the usa). There are so many examples given in the documentary of water changing its energy-state based on such small things like giving love and thanx. Even playing music to water can make it happy. The way you can tell if water is happyt or not is by how the crystals form when frozen quickly after receiving the emotional info. Crystals look pretty and symmetrical when happy and look horrible when they feel horrible. Anyway this "energy" that the water has is being killed off by these plastic bottles and pipes, however the water is not dead, so from now on i will be singing "sweet songs of melodies pure and true" and giving love and thanks b4 i drink my glass of water.
Anyway hope every1 out there doing good, just done a wicked show in holland... Bigups to Duketown!!
check out the documentary here...
Peace and Love
vibes and Pressure