Vibes And Pressure

I wrote a song about a month ago as we were putting the finishing touches to recordings we had done for my upcoming EP. The song's title is "Change". It was just a little vibes that turned into a bit of a tune;-). Anyway, once the song was recorded I felt a great sense of release that has only come with a very few of tunes I have written. To be a vessel of words, sound and power can sometimes be spiritually exhausting hence the sense of release I speak of. However, this song stayed with me a lot longer than I thought it would, partly due to the mood on the streets of London (and UK). As I watched the riots unfold, more and more i started to connect with these same words I had just written down. Here is a quick sample of the song.....

"Theres a new breeze i can feel a change coming in the air
the leaves are on the ground, but summers only just appeared
as I look to the sky the sun got a different kinda glare
as i look into the eyes of the youth i see no more fear......

"...Change dont come in a day
but everytime the whole world spin around we going somewhere
As the seasons change we'll find a way
But just remember change wont come in a day...."

The song will be released as part of my upcoming EP in either late September or October, as I feel it necessary to release it post Ethiopian new year. Over the past few years as I have observed and lived and written songs, one of the things I have noticed is how alienated young people feel. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone talking is about that now on all the news channels, but I ask myself why it has taken this ting to happen for elders to sit up and take notice.

I had an (friendly) argument with one of my rasta elders as to why little real efforts were being made as a unit to connect with the yout's on the wrong side of the poverty line, it's not the responsibility of the old to guide the young. We can't rely on them people in power to provide funding and youth centres when they're busy trying to fill us wit propaganda and fight or their bullshit causes. Lets take care of ourselves. Anyway let me not go in too deep, I could go on 4eva on that subject.

If you wanna hear me and my brethren ramble on more about this type of thing stay tuned to this page or more to come.

Anyway to link this reasoning back to the song.... Change takes time and effort. We just have to (truly) will it and it will manifest. Now is the time, the time is now etc.... anyway I have taken a break for a while in terms of releasing material. So now is the time for... "Change". Look out for it over the upcoming weeks and stay tuned into the website and the blogspot.

"....As the seasons change we'll find a way
But just remember change wont come in a day...."

Peace and Love

Vibes and Pressure


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On 1 September 2011 at 21:39 , Kiwi said...

I'd like to hear this sometime.. please let us know when you have a sample up..